Sunday, May 6, 2007

Locating your Vending Machines and Tips

vending machineWhat is the best way to locate vending machines?

There are two ways to locate your machines. Do it yourself or hire a professional locator.

Vending Machine Locating Company

There is nothing wrong with hiring a locator service if you don't mind spending the money and servicing a location that may be shaky to begin with. Locator's get paid by location, so they can care less if 3 months down the road that location is profitable or not or changes their mind. Many locating companies will take your money and run, but there are a few reputable services out there. If your going to hire a locator service then hire one that will offer guarantees.

Doing it Yourself

Locating vending machines yourself is not as hard as it seems. First, make you a list of friends and family that own businesses and start there. Second, think of the places your friends and family work and see if they can put a word in for you.

By doing these two things you should be able to get a good start of around 15 to 20 machines.

After you get on your feet with these machines then it is time to move on to 50 locations. To make money in the vending business, you need locations. The more the better. Concentrate on getting as many locations you can in the beginning then focus on the quality of that location second by moving your machines around.

How to get to 50 to 100 vending locations.

To take your vending machine business to the next level you need to stay dedicated and work smart. The techniques listed have helped me locate machine after machine.

  • - Find a vending charity program. Ex//Carolina Hair Foundation.

  • - Telemarketing to save time.

  • - Use a fax machine to fax local businesses a flyer offering your service.
  • - Get in your car and drive, simply put...

  • - Network, talk, talk, talk...

  • - Offer commissions

  • - Be creative

Locating vending machines doesn't have to be hard work, you just need to be creative and stick with it. Keep in mind that every time you locate a machine your putting an extra $200-1000 a year in your pocket.