Tuesday, January 9, 2007

How Much to Start A Vending Machine Business?

So How Much?

Listen, Listen, Listen to what I ‘m about to tell you. The cost to start your own bulk vending business is $50.00. That’s right $50.00. That is what it is going to cost you to buy your first machines, stand, and the product to go in it.

If you want the fancy machines with all the lights and gadgets then $550 to start, but trust me you don’t need that in the beginning. Really you don’t need that kind of machine at all. The regular double headed machines are the best way to start in this business. The bottom line is they are cheap and profit just as good as the fancy machines.

Think about how many months it would take you to pay for the cost of one of those fancy machines compared to a simple double headed machine. All you need is $50 dollars and a location, simple as that.

If you want to start off fast then fork up $200 dollars and buy you four double headed machines (eight machines in all) and the product to go in them. Find four locations and you are on your way. But if you don’t have much money than just start off with one or two machines and go from there.

$50 dollars is all you need.